How would interest free cash
help your business GROW?

Cash Advance

An ideal funding solution for growing businesses that don’t have the time, or perhaps the credit to qualify for traditional small business loan options.

If your business generates at least $5,000 a month in credit card transactions, Merchant’s Cash & Capital, a leading provider of small business funding solutions since 2005, will “buy” a block of your future credit card receipts, up to 200% of your monthly volume, and advance you the value of those receipts up front. MCC recovers the advance by collecting a small percentage, typically 10% - 25% of your daily credit card sales until it is fully repaid.

Simple and straightforward.

There are no hidden fees, no lengthy loan process, no collateral needed, no start up costs, no check writing, no late fees, no personal liability and you don’t need to have perfect credit.

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There is no check writing or risk of late fees as the processing bank will automatically transfer funds electronically as it does with credit card batches. Future cash advances can be automatically renewed.

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Flexibility and control.

Cash advance funds can be used for any business purpose and you repay them with a small fixed percentage of your daily credit card reciepts. If your receipts are down for the month, you’re not bound to a minimum payment.

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